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Featuring the project, keys and objetives


Hi, my name is Marcos, I'm here to talk about Nathive project, this is the logo (slide-1a) and you can visit nathive dot org to get the source, screenshots, or other info.

What is Nathive? Nathive is just another bitmap image editor, made in Python and GTK, and tested mainly under Linux and GNOME environment, but its goals are a bit different, first, it's highly focused in usability, but not about make the buttons bigger and cut features, let me show you something...

This is the typical case in image editors aims (slide-1b), the slide shows a feature line, from easy to use features to advances features, this box is an example project, and this little guys are the developers working to put more advances features in their project, but this sadly results in a more complex and hardest to use application.

This is a similar case (slide-1c), but this time the developers are focused in get a software really really easy to use, with just a few options and big buttons, this is enough to a lot of people, but obviously if the users needs some advanced feature they found nothing.

And finally this is Nathive (slide-1d), as you can see the goal is both get easy of use and get advanced features, so at the end we get a widest scope and a lot of extra work.

If you want something expressed in a methematical way, it would be something like this (slide-1e): Usability in Nathive = Number of features / Complexity * Needed steps

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