quote start Its potential lies behind a powerful plugin system quote end



Nathive requires GTK+ 2.18 or higher, this correspond with distros from october 2009 or newer like Ubuntu 9.10 or Fedora 12. In addition if you uses a 32-bit platform you must choose the package compiled with the same Python version of your system.


The easiest way to install Nathive image editor, packages are files ready to install (and uninstall) with a few clicks, and are compatible with most GNU/Linux distributions and architectures.

Note: If you installed previous package versions, new menu items can be shown unsorted, to avoid this go to 'Preferences > Arrange' and press clear button to restore defaults.


Stand-alone version ready to be executed directly with no previous installation, it's a clean way to test Nathive, but you should have some technical knowledges to launch the application through terminal.


The source code contain all the original files and data to build Nathive image editor by yourself, requires some advanced knowledges, so use it only for learning purposes, if you want to be involved in the development surely there are newer sources in the development center.


Nathive project (application) is under GPLv3 license. A widely used free software license that allow you to redistribute and/or modify it under some terms. For more details please read the included license copy or visit the website.