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Project status

August 2011: It's not a secret the project are a little bit paused, one reason is because we are planning to change the internal engine to GTK3, and right now only a few distros are updated. Other reason, Nathive is becomming big and we have not enough help, if you want to callaborate now is the time, and if you represent some group/foundation please consider to support us.

Developer documentation

October 2010: Since now you can visit Nathive developer reference thanks to the Sphinx documentation generator and a new documentation library made to manage it.

Libre Graphics Meeting

May 2010: Nathive will be in the LGM 2010 in Brussels, a 30 minute talk about the project and its technologies, also Nathive is in the OpenRaster work group. (Update: talk content)

OpenID enabled

May 2010: Login in Nathive website through your prefered OpenID provider is now possible, this system will allow you to edit wiki pages like the documentation section soon.

Beta release

April 2010: The first beta version is released, see the release note to get more info. Development snapshots will be uploaded here every wednesday.

New website

March 2010: A new Python based website is launched, fully HTML5 and CCS3, clean, scalable, and easier to keep updated with the embeded wiki system.