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Logical architecture


One advantage of the use of a high-level programming language to make an application is that the architecture is quite similar to human ideas, this is the Nathive architecture (slide-3a).

This is the main object, that contain other objects as attributes, and the same for the child modules recursively, is important to note that this is not a classes parent and children diagram, this is just the relation about modules and how its stores and shares info.

So this is the main object, this is the document object, that manages the opened images and its layers, this is the interface module that displays widgets in the user window system and its highly related with the document module through the canvas, the config module that load and save user configs in INI syntax, the language module that handles the internatinalization in GetText format, the loggin module that manages debugging messages (will be detailed later), plugins (detailed later too), and shortcut, which loads and saves keyboard shortcuts to launch plugins or other actions, these are stored in INI syntax too.

I wanted to talk in deep about how the objects shares data between them, but there is no time for that... the way to access data from other objects is the more obvious one, just calling the main object, which is possible from everywhere, and then calling the subobjects in its hierarchical order.

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