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DEB and RPM automated builds


Let me be clear, this is something every project should implement, build packages is a boring and repetitive task, and not only for developers, the users can also use this feature instead of the 'make install' rule, remember...

(slide-9a) Every time you type 'make install', APT and RPM programmers kills a kitten.

Nathive has 'make deb' and 'make rpm' rules to create automatically binary packages, but, how it works? (slide-9b)

The standard installation process is defined in the makefile as usually, but we set up some variables to define the installation path, (slide-9c) if deb or rpm rules are called the installation path is redirected to a fake file system (just a folder), and after the installation in this place a script is called, (slide-9d) this script just get some data from the META file and Python platform module, then generates the DEBIAN/Spec file and finally build it with dpkg/rpmbuild tools.

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